The Bangui Windmills

LOCATION:  Bangui, Ilocos Norte  Philippines

Up close with the windmills, one can feel its indifference towards its visitors.  I am talking about these 20 gigantic structures standing on the shores of this town of Ilocos province.

You can’t blame them.  They weren’t built as tourist attractions.  These man made engineering marvels were simply going about its daily business.  To provide electricity to some 7 towns of the province.  The attraction for tourists and photographers is purely incidental.

Thus, when you get there, don’t expect to be warmly welcomed.  Just go about your business too.  Marvel at the gigantic structures in front of you,  experience the fierce power of the winds, and watch the thick white froth of waves as it slams into the sand.  While doing all these, don’t forget to shoot.  Then leave.

Shoot and leave.  That’s what this place was for me.  I got enough shots and I am ok.

(You may click any of the thumbnail to see the larger version of the image)


5 thoughts on “The Bangui Windmills”

  1. Wonderful work, you have quite the eye. I love #5 – looks like a post card and #16 is totally a picture I could see hanging in a living room! Thank you for sharing.

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