The Church of Paoay

LOCATION:  Paoay, Ilocos Norte  Philippines

The Paoay Church looks exactly as it is seen in the thousands of pictures in the net, magazines, posters, postcards.   Thus, it became a challenge for me to shoot.  Every angle, nook and cranny of this structure must have been captured already.  What else will I shoot.

The view from afar is exactly the same view that we see in pictures.  And when I entered the church, there was a different feel.  It was dark and “uneventful”.  No breathtaking ceilings nor pillars, not even the altar.  No Sistine chapel art or interiors here. I am not complaining though.  I still enjoyed taking pictures of it.

And the facade lived up to its reputation.  It was beautiful.  And tourists and travelers were enjoying taking photos especially the jump shots!  I enjoyed watching them (especially my siblings).  I think I also had one jump shot photo here…

(You may click any of the thumbnail to see the larger version of the image)


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