Boracay Sunset Romance

LOCATION:  BORACAY BEACH, Malay Aklan, Philippines

My romance with the sunset started at the pier.  The island was just a glimpse away.  But the boat that would bring us to the island will be late for about 30 minutes.  Oh Boracay … so near yet so far.

Even at the pier alone, one could not ignore the temptation of the beauty and passion of the sun as it starts to set for the day.  Amidst the backdrop of the island, the boats, the cargo vessel, the passengers, and the calm sea, I marveled at nature’s beauty.  I didn’t let it pass, I fired my camera away.  When I saw my first shot on the LCD monitor of the camera, I knew, I’m gonna be having a great romance with the island.

And the next two days proved that I was right.  For two days, as the sun was about to give its final performance for the day, there I was, walking down the whole strip marveling at its mystery and swallowing its beauty.  As the minutes passed, the vibe changes from fun, to awesome, to dramatic, to intense, to jawdropping, and finally, to gratitude.  The experience would take about an hour for each day, and it was enough.  As darkness starts to envelop the island and the lights are being lit in the establishments along the strip, I would take one last glance at the horizon and whisper, “Thank you God for that awesome experience.”

(You may click any of the thumbnail to see the larger version of the image)


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