From Dusk Till Noon in Saud Beach


LOCATION:  Pagudpud.  Ilocos Norte, Philippines



We arrived in Saud at almost 6pm and dusk has already set in.  I rushed to the beach to get a short glimpse (and some shots) of the sunset.  It was beautiful.  The waves are perfect for a number of surfing dudes who were having the time of their lives that day.  The wind was fierce, thus the sound of the waves and the splashes on the rocks by the seashore sounded like rolling thunder.

The next day, I woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise.  It was so cold and I had a hard time setting up my camera and focusing it.  The mist kept my lens blurry, thus, I can’t focus my lens.  I decided to just marvel at the scene and take a few snaps once in a while.  We left before noon and I managed to take a few more shots under the scorching sun.

I like the vibe here.  It is warm and personal, and I felt safe.  The locals and the tourists seem to connect with you in a pleasant and personal way.  You feel welcome but your are also respected in your own personal space.

To say that Saud Beach is the Boracay of the North does not give honor to any of these two beaches.  Each has its own enigma far different from each other.

This is my kind of beach.  I want to go back to this place.  And I wouldn’t mind going back again and again and again.

(You may click any of the thumbnail to see the larger version of the image)


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