A Friendly Waterfall


LOCATION:  Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


Time Stood Still

We arrived at around noon.  We were told that it will take around 30 minutes to get to the spot.  However it seemed like the trek to the waterfalls was long.  I think it was almost an hour.  And as we started to get deeper into the path,  time stood still  (I think).


I felt the welcome vibe as we got deeper into the valley.   The sound of the nearby stream accompanied us as we trekked the path leading to the spot where the waterfalls was.


And We Felt Welcome

It wasn’t a clear and straight path though. There were some blind turns and small makeshift bridges along the way.  But what was great about it was, the blind turns would open to beautiful clearings.  I had to stop and gaze at the vista and surroundings and inhale the experience.  It was as if it was welcoming us each time we come from a blind turn.

We met some travelers that came from the waterfalls.  All wet and  seemed happy with their experience of the waterfall.  When asked if the falls was nice, they gave the thumbs up sign.  That got us more excited.  When we arrived at the spot, we were surprised to see not much people there.



It was an Enchanting and Mystifying Experience

The spot where the waterfalls was was serene.  The sound of the water falling from about 40-50 meters above was surprisingly calming.  The cold mist coming from it was enough for me to feel that I was welcome.  It was enchanting and mystifying.


The place wasn’t much of a “tourist spot” kind of place.  It wasn’t grand visually.  But the vibe and experience was a traveller’s find.  It leaves a mark in your spirit.




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