A Short Trip to the Banaue Rice Terraces



It was one spontaneous trip to the Banaue Rice Terraces.  Our event in Nueva Vizcaya was still at 6pm and we had nothing to do the whole day.  Thus, when it was suggested that we go to the Banaue Rice Terraces which was in the neighboring province of Ifugao, we all said YES!

But the trip would be short and the farthest that we could go was in the view deck.  Well, Banaue is Banaue, so off we went to see the world famous rice terraces.

I only see the Banaue Rice Terraces in movies and photos.  I know it is breathtaking and majestic as I see it in the movies.  But to be there and see it right before my eyes?

Oh, it was graaaand. . .


I couldn’t believe that I was actually there.  It was breathtaking.  I wasn’t able to get much photos as I would normally do.  I spent our limited time in the view deck (which was 30 minutes) just gazing and marveling in awe at the sight.


The weather wasn’t that great.  On our way there we encountered rains and thick fog, but we weren’t complaining.  We didn’t allow the weather to dampen our excitement.  Even the way to the view deck was beautiful.  We encountered some views and sights that were also breathtaking.  And we really had to ask our driver to stop and have a few minutes to enjoy this particular view.


When we reached the view deck, the fog was thick and the clouds were low, thus, we didn’t have a clear view of the entire vista of the legendary rice terraces.  But it was enough.  There were some elderly wearing native costumes, some pretty flowers here and there, and some souvenirs too.


But even without these, the view of the rice terraces alone was enough.  The whole trip to get there just to spend 30 minutes of gazing at this beautiful man made masterpiece of nature was worth it.  I dunno if I will ever go back to that place again, but those 30 minutes … that was precious.  It was worth it.

I can now say that I have seen with my very eyes what was once considered as the “8th Wonder of the World”.  I am satisfied.

Check out the gallery… (click on a thumbnail for a better appreciation of the image).


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