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Artworks at the Pinto Gallery

The Pinto Art Gallery

LOCATION:  Antipolo City, Rizal Province, PHILIPPINES

Here are some of the vast collection of artworks and art pieces at the Pinto Art Gallery.  I really recommend that you visit this place.  It is not just an art tour, but it is an uplifting experience of the spirit.

Check out the gallery… (click on a thumbnail for a better appreciation of the image).

Set 1:  Installations


Set 2: Paintings


3.  Set 3:  Sculpture, Multi-Media, Other Installations

You may also want to check out the over-all vibe of Pinto in this link:



The Jeepneys of Manila

The KING OF THE ROAD (The Jeepneys of Manila)

Beautiful. Colorful. Fun. Amazing.


The talent and creativity of the Filipinos as painters creating masterpieces using the body of the jeepney (a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines), as their canvass.


Enjoy the Philippine Jeepney!

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