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The Jeepneys of Manila

The KING OF THE ROAD (The Jeepneys of Manila)

Beautiful. Colorful. Fun. Amazing.


The talent and creativity of the Filipinos as painters creating masterpieces using the body of the jeepney (a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines), as their canvass.


Enjoy the Philippine Jeepney!

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BenCab Museum

LOCATION:  Baguio City, Philippines

It was my first time to go to the BenCab Museum.  Been hearing about it from friends, but what they talk mostly about was the cafe inside the museum.

Thus, when I finally entered the place, I was surprised to see a beautiful and well mounted masterpieces and works of art of a master.  This place is heaven for visual people like me.  I loved every piece of art inside.  I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures because I chose to delight myself in swallowing and digesting the soul and spirit of the artist in each of his artwork.

I had a big bonus though.  The master himself, Ben Cabrera was there.  Was able to capture him in his somber and grounded aura sipping his coffee by the window.  Perhaps, this is his daily afternoon ritual.

I wish I stayed longer but I was with a large group of friends and we still have other places to visit that day.

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