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The National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines

City of Manila, PHILIPPINES

The facade of the National Museum of the Philippines.

The month of May is the National Heritage Month Celebration.  The National Museum of the Philippines opened its doors to the public for free.
Been seeing posts of the museum for days and it got me interested. Thus, I went there on a Friday afternoon not expecting too much but just the usual artworks and stuff that we see in museums.

Hallways filled with masterpieces hanging on the wall.

Little did I expect that the building itself and how they laid out the galleries, corridors and lobbies were like artworks in itself. And that winding stairs, OH!!! The old Senate Hall, WOW!

Every visitor of this museum will definitely have a shot of this beautiful staircase.

The visit was a visual feast for me. I enjoyed the tour. Find time to visit it. I heard the free entrance is extended this June. And please don’t content yourself with just selfies. It’s a great experience to marvel at these works of art.

Corridors such as this, such a visual feast.
There is certain vibe of nobility in this lobby. This is the floor where the old Senate Hall is located.

Will post the shots of the galleries and the Senate Hall in a separate album. It deserves a separate album.

Check out the museum premises in this gallery.

(You may click on the thumbnail to have a bigger view of the image).