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The Jeepneys of Manila

The KING OF THE ROAD (The Jeepneys of Manila)

Beautiful. Colorful. Fun. Amazing.


The talent and creativity of the Filipinos as painters creating masterpieces using the body of the jeepney (a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines), as their canvass.


Enjoy the Philippine Jeepney!

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Downtown Manila Today


Location:  Binondo, City of Manila, Philippines


The original Business District and center of power of the country. This used to be the hub of the Stock Exchange, banks, big department stores and other primary businesses.  Though the banks’ main offices have moved to Makati and Ortigas, also in Muntinlupa,  the Binondo district is still the primary business district of the city of Manila where the Chinese business community are mostly based.

Regina Building
Regina Building
Perez Samanillo Building
Perez Samanillo Building
Post Office Building along the Pasig River
Post Office Building along the Pasig River

The old buildings are still standing inspite of the urban modernization and development.  Efforts are now being made to preserve such structures.  Noteworthy in the list are the Regina Building, First United Building, Capitol Theater, PNB, BPI, Calvo Building, and the other establishments such as the Syvel’s Dept. Store., Berg Department Store, etc.

It is rich and enchanting.  Even with the grime and dirt, one cannot not be fascinated by its charm and whispers.  I am definitely going back and savor the essence of the place.

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Catch the Color

Sometimes I capture images for the mere attraction to its colors.  I guess that is the child in me.  And when I look at the images whenever I upload it in my computer, there is this inexplicable joy inside me.  Like a child holding a brand new toy that she personally picked from the store, beaming with pride and joy.

As I look at this set, I am reminded of a favorite game that I play with my siblings back in my childhood.  It is called “Touch the Color.”

Provincial Scene

LOCATION:  Isabela, Philippines

The bus ride from Manila to Cagayan Valley takes about 12 hours.  We left Manila at 5 in the morning.  As the sunset was about to set in, the bus was coursing through the highways of Isabela, the province before Cagayan.

The view from the bus was beautiful.  I decided to take some shots from a moving vehicle running at a speed of at least 100 kph in the national highway.

Provincial life is mostly about agriculture, fishing and tourism.  At the end of each day, the usual images are farmers going home from a hard day’s work, farmers bathing their carabaos in the river, the fields turning into golden yellow which means that harvest is near, and of course, nature at its bounty and beauty over a canvass of bright blue horizon.  I didn’t let all these pass.  I made sure I captured these even if I am aware that the photos may be blurry because I was shooting from a moving vehicle.

These photos are what I salvaged from a set of blurry shots.  I am happy.

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